As we go through this difficult journey everyday, ups and downs are the daily norm of our lives. There are certain times when we are able to overcome the difficulties we face by applying what we have learned from our experience and from the advice of qualified teachers, but there other times when we must simply accept our situation and try to find peace in our circumstances. We must persist with our journey of learning new ideas and mastering earlier acquired techniques for making our lives more meaningful and joyful. As we take these steps, we may be fortunate enough to benefit from the support of our families, close friends, and most importantly, the advice of our masters, but if we take their support for granted and fail to embrace their advice, then we must accept the painful effects of our own mistakes. Thus, our life is like a most profound textbook, and if we fail to learn from our journey, then we may have lost the most critical advice of all. At the end of the day, no one can share our pain and the only thing that can really help us is what we have learned and put into practice, such as the understanding of impermanence and cause and effect.